My Piano for Lombardy

FluffyAudio donation ended on April the 15th. As we’ve reached the 1000 sales mark in less than a week, we have sent the following amount to the Lombardy region.

15.670 € 

Here and here you can check the receipts of the successful wire transfer. And here the final donation for AIUTIAMO Brescia, which is a more local fund for hospitals in our area (Provincia di Brescia, a province in Lombardy, where we are located).

First of all, FluffyAudio wants to thank you all for the support, warmth, closeness, affection and generosity shown us in this difficult period. Thank to you the #stayathome donation (and make cool music) did very well!

In these particular days many of you have written or sent us the material recorded with MyPiano and other libraries composed and created in the long days of quarantine. Among these, some pieces have been made to support the institutions and the structures that are facing the emergency. We want to share these gifts with you: for this reason we created this very special page.

Hope you’ll like it.

A warm thank to you all!

FluffyAudio Development Team










Our friend Alessandro Magnisi is helping a local hospital in Italy. To support the cause you can buy his track here (google play) and here (apple music).

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