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paolo_resume2Paolo Ingraito
Paolo is the guy who started this fluffy journey. After countless days spent as a media composer for theatre, art installations and advertising, one day Paolo entrenched in his home with his beloved shiny vertical piano. After few months, My Piano was done – along with a cool VST that no one remembers – and Fluffy appeared somewhere on the www. Developing, videoshooting, involving friends in odd projects, wine and cat – one is enough – share the same degree of importance in Paolo’s spare time and who knows what else the future might hold?

DSC_1402Olmo Chittò
Despite more than ten thousand kilometers hitchhiking around Europe and Asia, Olmo Chittò hasn’t found his road yet. By the way, a Bachelor in Philosophy, a Degree in Percussion and a Master in Jazz Music have helped him to stay on the track towards the wonders of Classical Contemporary Music and Jazz.
From the very beginning Olmo joined Paolo in the adventure of FluffyAudio: the digital twist lately led him to EKE, an electro-acoustic duo that blends together all his musical passions. Alongside with ice-made percussion, rock climbing, David Foster Wallace and Dominus Choir, he is currently focusing on writing a good biography.

_DSC8010smSimone Mor
Simone Mor is a Flamenco guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, graduated in Classical Guitar with an education in World Music, Jazz and Rock. After the studies he has lived in Spain, Indonesia, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, looking in vain for some existential answers, but developing a very personal style of playing and living.
He devotes himself to Flamenco Guitar, Afghan Rubab, Kyrgyz Komuz and plenty of strange instruments built by his father. Simone is planning to record a solo album, learn an octave language and write books; when all these things will happen you’ll definitely hear about them.

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