The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden
Requires full version of Kontakt


Imagine yourself within The Zen Garden, a space filled with the resonant sounds of tranquility.

Crafted for composers and sound designers seeking to infuse their projects with the serene and meditative qualities of cinematic music, this collection is an invitation to explore a world of tranquil soundscapes and evocative instruments.

The Zen Garden offers more than 40+ meticulously sampled instruments, from the resonant depths of Crystal Bowls to the ethereal melodies of the voice of Alyne and Sylvia and the ancient melodies of the Duduk. Each instrument is complemented by our unique Aura and Veils layers, adding rich textures and atmospheric depth to the instruments.

Whether you’re scoring for film, crafting ambient music, or seeking new dimensions in sound design, The Zen Garden provides is a beautiful tool to create emotional music and sonic scapes.



Picture yourself surrounded by the gentle melodies and soothing vibrations that resonate within this special sonic world. As you continue to relax, let’s begin a journey through the sounds of The Zen Garden.

Start with ceremonial instruments, sinking into peace with the toll of a Tibetan Bell, cleansing with Tibetan Finger Cymbals, and finding balance with Crystal Bowls. Let the Koshi Chimes and Wind Chimes add lightness, while the Tubular Bells bring depth, and percussions ground you with Gong or Handpan rhythms.
Enjoy the joy of Angelic Glockenspiel before exploring string instruments like Koto, Tanpura, Kalimba, and Lyre Harp. Drift with vocals from Sylvia and Alyne, letting their chants instill serenity.

As you become fully immersed in the soundscape of The Zen Garden, imagine any remaining tension or stress dissolving away. With each resonant tone and calming melody, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Take a few more deep breaths. When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. You are now feeling refreshed, relaxed, and centered.

Carry this sense of inner peace and clarity with you throughout your day, inspired by your sonic journey through The Zen Garden.

Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required

Windows XP / Vista /  7 / 8 / 10. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
8 GB System Ram, 35 GB free on main system drive for installation + 35 GB where the library is installed.

Capable internet connection.


Tibetan Bell Big, Medium, Small1, Small2, Small3, Tibetan Finger Cymbal
Crystal Bowls, Energy Chimes, Koshi Chimes, Meditation Pad, Peaceful Pad, Shiva Pad, Three Tongue Drums, Tongue Drum, Tubular Chimes – Movements, Tubular Chimes – Note, Crotali
Angelic Glockenspiel, Gongs, Handpan, Percussion, Taiko Drums, Vibraphone, Wind Chimes, Tubular Vibraphone
Chromatic Kalimba, Koto, Lyre Harp, Sansula, Small Kalimba, Tanpura, Classical Guitar
Alyne – Legatos, Om Drone, Sylvia – Oh – Legato, Sylvia – Phrases – A Pentatonic Minor 90bpm, Sylvia – Phrases – C Major 120bpm, Sylvia – Phrases – D Minor 100bpm, Sylvia – Phrases – G Pentatonic Major 70bpm, Sylvia – PolyWords, Sylvia – Words – Legato
Duduk, Romanian Caval, Small Xun, Turkish Kaval


By clicking in the center of the main wheel you can set the Modwheel to control one of the controls available in the patch, or the Veil/Aura layers.

On the majority of the instruments in the library there are two “special” microphones.
AURAs are optional sound-designed processings of the main instrument sound built using a variety of effects, guitar pedals and techniques. They can add a richer and interesting quality to the sound of the instrument.
VEILS are a special swappable instrument layer that can add depth to your sound, derived from AURORA and Venice Modern Strings.

A Day in the Studio with Riccardo Barba

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  • 34 GB .ncw compressed sample pool (72 GB uncompressed)
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz stereo
  • 25k+ samples!
  • Close, Mid, Far mics
  • 6 categories: ceremonial, meditation, percussion, strings & plucked, vocals, winds & breathed
  • Special AURA and VEIL mics
  • 43 patches
  • 2 singers with Legato articulations
  • Pure unwinding experience
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