Melody: one of the purest, simplest forms of music and, at the same time, one of the most demanding challenges for composers of any time.

Since ancient times, melody has been one of the most immediate forms of expression, as its boundaries blur into language, sound, and, after all, magic. Little by little, the development of technologies, from the log drum to the pipe organ, has led humankind to better understand the potentialities of melody as a form of communication, an introspective and emotive probe, and art.

As the primary shaman skill, mastering melodies has evolved from the work of refined composers in the king’s service to a powerful medium to support ideals.
By talking to each other through dialogue and overlaying melodies, we have created an unsurpassed and unique form of expression: melodies, or rather the Music. Lately, loop-based devices, from the mellotron to the most renowned sampler, have brought melodies to a new level of complexity.

MELODIES is a unique library that encourages experimentation and gives any musician a new array of tools for his/her compositions.
Whether you are looking for a sketching book to draw your draft or an ultimate effective tool to deliver your song for a deadline, let MELODIES be your biggest ally!

MELODIES is a loop-based library that combines 3700+ loops to create infinite combinations of layers for creating songs and enriching musical ideas. Definitely, an inspiring tool for musicians and composers. MELODIES was inspired by the most renowned music streaming service, where you can choose between different albums. Albums are collections of loops built around a particular idea and they usually feature a certain type of instrument.

Playing MELODIES is easy, let yourself be carried away by the atmospheres that will gradually emerge every time you add a new loop to the others!

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Intel or Silicon Mac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
4 GB System Ram, 16 GB free on the main system drive for installation (8 GB when installed).

Capable internet connection.

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  • 8.8 GB .NCW Compressed
  • 3700+ Loops that can be combined together to produce an infinite number of musical combinations
  • 129 Albums, collections of loops
  • 10 Punch-In FXs, the black-keys are assignable to ten custom Punch-In effects that provide instant variations on your musical ideas
  • Due to the Smart-Randomization you can produce a vast array of new loops with the help of the editing features of the library
  • MELODIES allows to import your custom loops!
  • 24bit / 48khz
  • Kontakt Player Ready, no need for FULL Kontakt


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