My Piano

My Piano
Requires full version of Kontakt

There are special and unique controls for different parts of the piano, for the internal resonances, pedal sound and there’s even a knob to put some random noises into the recording. The samples were taken with AudioTechnica AT4060 tube microphones, with NEVE preamps, to ensure the highest quality and warmth. The pedal resonances are handled separately, as well as the overtones and the body resonance of the piano, to allow the user to have a complete control over the piano sound.

Version 1.1 includes some fixes, a couple of Sound Design patches and some variations over the “main” basic patch with different perspectives – including the intimate patch used in Layers of Beauty demo.

Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 or above is required

Windows XP / Vista / 7. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
4 GB System Ram, 5 GB free on HD

The sampling technique we used involves looping at the very end of samples, and sample decaying with scripting. So we managed to reduce the impact on RAM and disk size, without damaging the pure sound and response of the piano. We also implemented a sample masking technique, that simply fades old notes sustained over the same key: this helps to prevent phasing issues common to standard piano libraries and to control the polyphony.
This strict control over polyphony allowed us to implement an emulation of the interaction between keys that is evident on every piano. If a key is held pressed while another one is struck, you’ll hear a third pitch that is the result of the interaction of the first two. This is called Sympathetic Resonance and the result is a warmer piano sound,very suited to soundtracks and delicate, intimate piano works.

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  • 1600+ Samples
  • 1.70 GB installed (compressed with in NCW format)
  • 24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo (scaled from 192Khz)
  • More than 6 velocity layers per key
  • Sympathetic Resonances and Pedal Resonance control for maximum control over instrument warmth
  • Release Samples included
  • Equalizer, compressor, reverb and special Position Controls to fit the piano in every mix
  • Complete control over velocity response
  • Self Masking for polyphony control
  • Decay controls for tuning note fading to you needs
  • Separate pedal down resonances and pedal noise control
  • Special Piano Body IR for realistic emulation of the internal resonances of the piano body
  • Nice occasional crackles knob to emulate the realism of a live recording
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